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At Sheridan Family Law, PLLC, our attorneys understand that custody is probably the most important aspect of your divorce. Divorcees worry that they will not be able to see their children after they have split from their spouse. We will always offer the most honest advice and the toughest representation we can.

We can also help grandparents or other relatives secure grandparents or non-parent visitation rights.

With such sensitive matters, you need more than a skilled attorney. You need a skilled attorney who views you as a person with real concerns and needs.

Reaching Your Own Custody Agreement

In Texas, parents have the option to write their own custody agreement and seek a judge’s approval to proceed with it. Sheridan Family Law, PLLC can facilitate this process to help ensure the situation does not escalate and that you do not sign an unfair agreement.

You know your children and your family situation better than anyone. We will help you draft a parenting plan that is right for your kids. You want your plan to be comprehensive and cover matters such as living arrangements, drop-off times and locations, holidays and more.

Determining Child Custody Rights In Court

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, however, a judge will determine your custody rights. In Texas, a judge may either award joint or sole custody, based on what they deem best for the child. Joint custody is more common than sole custody. Usually, sole custody is only awarded if the other parent has a history of violence, substance abuse or neglect of the children.

If a custody battle in court is the best way to handle your case, we are at your side. Your attorney will advocate for your right to continue regularly seeing your children.

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